Nick Griffin: Local Drunk with a Knitting Needle and a Plug Socket

Sssshh…. don’t tell him, but has anyone noticed Nick Griffin’s handy land-in-the-lap position yet? No, because we’ve all been way too busy setting him up on Question Time and reporting each and every movement of the BNP party and its dubious funding to actually sit up and notice what the hell is going on here-

So, you’re Nick Griffin. You’re born in Barnet-which on its own is pretty unfortunate- and after moving to the thriving buzz that is Suffolk, you decide to throw in the towel to any sort of social existence and join the National Front. Hell, what’s a boy to do- you’re pretty beefy and never picked at football, your Mum and Dad are so heavily into politics as a pastime and there’s only three channels on terrestrial television. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t do the same…

Fast forward through a whole load of riots, protests, idiotic speeches and somewhere in all of that, a marriage and four children, and the spotlight’s on you. However, I’m not terribly sure you realise that the society in which you live has adjusted to such an extent that you don’t actually need to try so hard after all…

My point? I’m getting to it, promise. The BNP’s target market, and England’s increasingly disappointing population are by my observation, one and the same. Nick Griffin, imbecile he may be, but an imbecile with a loaded gun all the same. I shall elaborate, in a rather long-winded manner- promising that it will entertain along its ambling journey..

The shrinking upper-middle class of Britain- pleased t’meet you, Katherine Howard- have several opinions, obstructions, and deliberations about the state of our country. As you sit down of an evening with friends over a reasonably priced Merlot and talk about the fact you shop at Sainsbury’s in order to elevate your somewhat middling status in society, you all have the same pets hates. The recurring one being the individuals that we find ourselves surrounded by, who we are terribly sure did not exist some ten, or even twenty years ago. Yes ladies and gents, we bring you the Chav. A species that was to begin with, simply ‘Council-House and Violent’, this group of the true treasures of society have now stretched to the homophobic, racist, dispassionate, scrounging, unmotivated, ignorant, poorly educated (I’m going to keep going, generalisation is therapeutic), straightforward, opinionated and all round destructive. Please stay with me, there’s a point in here somewhere. Oh yes, that’s it- score! Thinks Griffin. What kind of people so we need on board the BNP Fun Bus? Well, they can’t be too liberal, caring, passionate, intelligent or educated. Oh! And the must think ill of absolutely everybody that’s responsible for their mediocre existence and the fact that its all so unfair and its really anyone’s fault but their own…. oh no! Hang on! (I hear the Chav screach). That’s it- I don’t work because the immigrants have my jobs, and I listen to my music on my mobile phone on the top of the bus because the gays make me, and I drink Red Stripe at Ten AM on a Tuesday because the Islamic people let it go to waste….

Digression again. But you see? Nick Griffin has found his Goldmine target audience, and anyone is yet to spot the big red flashing ‘Warning’ sign of what this could mean. You see, while we’re all so busy tap-tap-tapping away at our keyboards, writing articles about how ludicrous the BNP’s policies are, and wittering away about who on this God given earth would support such audacious statements, we’ve forgotten something. Those people that don’t really know what a computer is- ‘I’ve got in-a-net on ma phone tho, nuff goin’ on’, and aren’t really into catching up on current affairs except when they’ve turned over for Jezza Kyle early and the News is still wrapping up- those people are You-Tubing Nick Griffin to see what all the fuss is about.

My point- told you I’d get there in the end- is that what many of us have failed to notice, Griffin- or Hitler, post lobotomy and after a few jars- included, is that while many of us guffaw at what kind of people would be backing such a party in the first place, the very people that are openly supportive of so many of the BNP’s primary arguments are 90% of the people you see and deal with every day. Griffin has picked a prime target market for his zany new product, and by using the funding from the more wealthy, educated and therefore understandably ashamed individuals that secretly take a BNP slant on the world, he can then scoop up the dregs along the way, in a Pied Piper fashion. Just think fatter, with a suit from Burton, and rather a lot of perspiration from the nerves/ exercise.

In essence, I’m just giving you a little heads up here. because knowledgable I may be, but controller of the Chavs? I’ve yet to crack that one.


~ by Scarlettice on February 14, 2010.

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