Dare I ask….but is Octomom really so bad?


So yes, she had eight children. And another six before that. And came across in her Channel Four documentary as a little insane (even aside from the mega family) and with such a squeak to her voice that she summoned dolphins from far and wide. However its unavoidable to ignore the media frenzy that is following this woman, regardless of her actions. Did anyone put themselves in this woman’s position before they sat down at their PC’s, whacked on a webcam and decided to play home videos? So, you’ve created a mini army for yourself, and then when it comes to your seventh pregnancy, turns out there’s eight little munchkins in there. Whoopsy. It would take a woman with bigger testicles than most of the men that despise her on YouTube to fathom out how to raise six children simultaneously. Octo-loop has done one better and cares for fourteen children, and as a result all of a sudden she’s a shocking example of parenthood and many ‘critics’ – by which i mean crazy geeks with an outrageous eye for cartooning- are more than happy to take her out to a field like an old mare and put her to rest.

Because today’s society adopts the approach that we should only have a certain number of offspring, and should remain considerate of the credit crunch/strain on society/generally other people thinking ill of us. Was it nearly as difficult seventy years ago, when my late grandfather was one of thirteen? And this wasn’t uncommon, so why is Nadya Denise Doud-Suleman Gutierrez’s situation such a travesty? There are too many factors involved here to just blast the woman for her very existence and wash our hands of her. Dirty silly Nadia and her womb? A little hasty, general public.

First of all, all you nutty men with your wagging fingers and scathing tongues (your mothers would be ashamed of you!), anyone consider the concept of her alternative? If the IVF had produced one children to complete her family of seven plus Hecto-Mom- quite a shabby nickname in comparison- this would have never reached the level of interest that its gained. If she had discovered that there were eight little cabbage patch kids floating around her uterus, and made the decision to terminate a number to ‘save’ the others, the men would be nodding their heads in chorus, humming approval at the silly woman who did the right thing. With the magic of hindsight, would she not have made an unwise move there, in the fact that all eight babies survived and completely healthy? Ponder that, Joe Cartoon.

Octomom merely highlights the wild and wonderful world that we live in alongside the media; a lose lose situation. As the spectators of a public hanging, we do secretly salivate at fresh meat to tear to pieces, and Nadya fits the bill. Shopping your own children to the public eye, how distressing. However, I’m pretty sure that had she sat on her behind and waited for the benefits to come streaming in while she caught up on Maudy, or returned to work and left her children as nursery orphans, fending for themselves in a wilderness of childcare, we would have been just as quick with the proverbial boot.

The fact that Nadya has been highlighted as a neglectful mother, unable to nurture all of her children just leads me to believe all mothers are evil. In the world that we live in today, where you are not permitted to scream blue murder, tap, lose the plot with or generally frighten your angelic little treasure these are hard times for anyone with less patience than Mother Teresa. So before you judge, grand nation, please stop and ask yourself the questions…. did you wish you could watch grown up TV today instead of Beebies on rotation with Cartoon Network? Did you stop to figure out the last social event that you attended that didn’t involve ‘Incy Wincy’ and ten million kids? Did you shout back before realising that there is little to be gained from winning an argument with a two year old? And most importantly, did you successfully sleep for at least an hour this morning with your hands over your ears? One step away from OctoMom my friends.


~ by Scarlettice on November 16, 2009.

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